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15.09.2014 Silent evening, but still good.

Hi folks.

The season has started for some time ago and I have done tours on special demands as my ordinary tours don´t start until next week.

Here is a few photos from last night. Great clear skies and some nice bands at the end, around midnight.

KSBH14_140915_140915 KSBH14_140916_140916 KSBH14_140915_4




The AuroraChaser will be offline for some days

Hi folks

Due to a tour into the wilderness, I will not be able to answer any requests until Monday the 25th August.

Anyway, you’re welcome to request a chase for the Northern Lights with me during this time and I take care of your mail when I’m back.

For availability, check the calendar on my website http://www.kjetilskogli.no

If I’m lucky I manage to capture the first view( this season) of the majestic Aurora Borealis on this trip.

Stay tuned


The AuroraChaser


The AuroraChaser is back from holiday.

Hi folks.

I hope you all still have a great summertime. Maybe it is time to think about your dream about chasing, seeing and photographing the elusive and beautiful Aurora Borealis.

As you know, Tromsø is one of the best places to see the lights and we have a lot fo good tours to offer. If you want to become an aurorachaser on my tours, feel free to book here

I have still some request waiting as I haven’t been able to process all of them during the holiday. Note, I will still be going away for some time but this time with much better connection :)

Hope I see you around this season

I’m more than pleased to see many of my earlier guests coming back this season to chase the lights with me.

All the best

The AuroraChaser





Booking,etc through the summer.

Hi folks.



I will be on a holiday and travel for some time in the summer and the response time might be delayed a bit. The booking is, of course, open as usual.

I will be online os often I can so you don’t have to wait to long to reserve a tour with me.

Have a great summer all of you


The AuroraChaser


Thanks to all my guests 2013/14

Hi guys.


The season of 2013/14 has come to an end and I just want to say a big thank to all of you who choose me as your guide.

It has been a pleasure to meet you all. I’m so impressed by your positive spirits, specially when the conditions has been rough and bad.

I hope you all returned back home with a lot of good memories from Tromsø.

The bookings for next season are increasing and I’m positive sure we will have another good northern lights season with many, many great displays and experiences.

If you want to book a tour with me just follow this link: http://www.kjetilskogli.no


The AuroraChaser


Heroes from the 10th March 2014

The  weather was crappy and I knew we had to drive quite a bit to have a chance to find some clear skies. So we did and it paid of with a rather good display in quite clear skies just when we needed it.

So, it was time to head back to Tromsø and I got some bad news. It had been an avalanche on critical part of the road to Tromsø. Critical because it is not any alternative route at nighttime because of a ferry who stop before midnight. Still with hope  and positive spirit, we headed for the ferry. There was a small chance to get the ferry going to maintain the service and traffic trough the county of Troms. Long story to be short, we had to wait from 02.00 to 06.30 for the first ferry. A long time in the van and I´m so impressed by my guests who kept the good and positive spirit trough the night. The tour became a marathon type of tour. 14 hours from we left the city until I said goodbye to my guests.

Here are some photos from the evening. I was a bit occupied during the best part of the show so I didn´t get it on my camera.

The AuroraChaser

KSBH14_140311_4395 KSBH14_140311_4396 KSBH14_140311_4407 KSBH14_140311_4410


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