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Heroes from the 10th March 2014

The  weather was crappy and I knew we had to drive quite a bit to have a chance to find some clear skies. So we did and it paid of with a rather good display in quite clear skies just when we needed it.

So, it was time to head back to Tromsø and I got some bad news. It had been an avalanche on critical part of the road to Tromsø. Critical because it is not any alternative route at nighttime because of a ferry who stop before midnight. Still with hope  and positive spirit, we headed for the ferry. There was a small chance to get the ferry going to maintain the service and traffic trough the county of Troms. Long story to be short, we had to wait from 02.00 to 06.30 for the first ferry. A long time in the van and I´m so impressed by my guests who kept the good and positive spirit trough the night. The tour became a marathon type of tour. 14 hours from we left the city until I said goodbye to my guests.

Here are some photos from the evening. I was a bit occupied during the best part of the show so I didn´t get it on my camera.

The AuroraChaser

KSBH14_140311_4395 KSBH14_140311_4396 KSBH14_140311_4407 KSBH14_140311_4410

02th March 2014. Good show late night

High clouds and haze made us search for better and more clear skies. Just some faint bands earlier in the evening and we waited for a long time for a display to come. It arrived as I predicted between 1.30 and 02.00. Well worth waiting for as always.

KSBH14_140303_4137 KSBH14_140303_4141 KSBH14_140303_4148 KSBH14_140303_4154 KSBH14_140303_4156

View from a sled pulled by huskies on a 4-5 days tours in Troms, Northern Norway

From Feb I start with 3-5 days tours where we travel in the county of Troms and Finnmark, stay in cabins, do dog sledding,etc. Always in search of the northern lights of course.

This photo is one of many I took when we returned from a cabin deep into the wilderness. 20 dogs, 4 sleds and 4 people in a silent journey in white winter landscape with sun and clouds who made perfect conditions for photography. By presetting the exposure, focus and focal length I managed to get many photos while the dogs was running and I hold the camera with one hand and the sled with the other.

This is one of them.

View from a dogsled

View from a dogsled

Full story from the last tour will be released soon.

The Aurora Chaser

BBC, shut up!

Moonlights and Aurora hand in hand

moonlight and Aurora hand in hand

quote……” I must admit I was a bit surprised by the recent news in the BBC about the solar activity declining and less likelihood of seeing the lights in the future. But I am happy to hear what you say and realize that maybe it is not so black or white. But I suppose this doesn’t help you and the people who lives from tourism there and it is also disappointing for people who is planning to go in the next years. Maybe it should be very clear in the norwegian web or in your web that there will be lights in a future.” …quote end

These are words from one of the many people who get in touch with me for tours,etc. I often put a note in my replays where I tell about my opinion regarding Aurora Borealis in the years to come. Yes, the solar activity is declining and it has been like that for decades. But when BBC tell about less likelihood of seeing the lights in the future you need to ask what they mean when they say “the future” and how do they know this? The scientist was confused how the sun acted last cycle so how can they know about the future? The media make it sound like it will happen next year and that’s it. Shallow and lightweight journalism! It make me so mad when they try to squeeze every possibility for a headline out of information like this. Maybe the Norwegian government should buy BBC ?

The northern lights are not good for norwegian business only. It also make a living for many,many tour-operators,etc in UK. It is really not serious journalism at all to put up news like they do here as it make the viewers believe it is the fact.

I don’t want to make this to long but if it will be less lights in the future, the best place to see them will be in the very northern part of the world. That means Tromsø and Northern Norway.  Northern Norway is always in the zone of the northern light, in the aurora-belt. Remember, we made the program with Joanna Lumley in her search for the lights(For BBC!!!) in the lowest period of the this solar cycle. And in the same  and lowest period we have managed to make Tromsø to one of the hottest spot to see the lights. I have no plan to stop doing tours to see and photograph the lights and I’m not worry about the solar activity.

To all of you who plan to come and see the lights in the future!! years, you are welcome to join us.

Share this, like this to make the world take part of crazy and shallow journalism like this.

Have a nice day and Happy Hunt

The Aurora Chaser

PS. The “shut up” goes to all the media who act like this.



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