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Out of service.

Hi folks.

I will be away on a tour, in quite remote areas, during the next 7 days and will not be able to handle any requests and /or bookings.

However, a lot of bookings are coming in so you should not wait to long if you want to join my tours for the next Northern lights season

Book your tour on  now and I will get respond to you asap when I back to the civilization again.

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“Spring” Auroras the 16th April

A relaxing time at the couch turned suddenly in to a chase for the lights yesterday. I have stopped doing ordinary tours and was relaxing in my living room when I checked the activity. Promising values made it impossible to sit still and I headed out. A really great evening, but with a big weather system arriving from the sea.

Anyway, I met a friend and we had some great displays before the clouds came. As you can see it is not totally dark during the nights anymore. But what great blueish glow in the sky and the landscape. The brightest display was captured on video, but I have not edited yet. We actually got 2-3 coronas during the night.

KSBH15_150417_9020 KSBH15_150416_9000 KSBH15_150417_9036 KSBH15_150417_9043 KSBH15_150416_9005 KSBH15_150417_9039


The 17th March 2015. Longest drive worth every minutes.

Sometimes…sometimes you just it will be one of the greatest show coming. To not miss it I decided, together with many other guides to really go as far as needed. We ended up far in Finland to get away from the clouds on the coast. Just need to mention that we have stayed on the coast most of the season 2014/15 because the weather has been very, very good out here.  In between we have to cross the border to Finland to find clear skies. This evening was one of them.

Spectacular show and here are some of the photos.

KSBH15_150317_7796 KSBH15_150317_7815 KSBH15_150317_7909 KSBH15_150318_7912 KSBH15_150318_7919 KSBH15_150318_7928 KSBH15_150318_8169 KSBH15_150318_8432

27th Feb 2015. Maybe it was all our wishes?

Maybe it was all our wishes, who knows, but the clouds disappeared and there she was. The elusive and fantastic Aurora Borealis

This evening another fantastic and friendly group join me on my tour. And like many other nights with moonlight the northern lights was very visible, despite all the myths 🙂

KSBH15_150227_5095 KSBH15_150227_5066 KSBH15_150227_5089 KSBH15_150227_5106 KSBH15_150227_5101 KSBH15_150227_5125 KSBH15_150227_5114 KSBH15_150227_5108 KSBH15_150227_5107

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