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The Aurora Chaser Kjetil Skogli


Location: some miles SE of tromsø

Weather: quiet, clear skies, -17’C. Cloudy further out at the coastline.

We arrive this location at about 19.30 and it started with an overhead display  together with some nice moving bands in the northern part of the sky. One of this nights with several peaks during the evening. The NL traveled as far south a the Orion and the Leo, and there was some great movements. We could also see the comet Lulin( at least if you knew the location of it), but the camera picked it up good enough to see the green glow and the tail. At the end of the night we moved down to the sealevel and got some good shots there. Return to Tromsø at 01.00.


3 Responses to “27.02.09”

  1. m raggers

    Hi Kjetil,

    Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful evening on the 27th. We were not expecting too much (considering the weather in Tromso in previous days) but the three ‘shows’ were absolutely amazing. Thank you for showing us this natural miracle…
    The dutch guys..

  2. Kelly Stemp

    Hi Kjetil, I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic evening. We were really blessed with seeing such amazing displays that night and seeing this photo brings it all back. What a night!

  3. Sharon & Ralph Cullum

    Hi Kjetil, Absolutely fantastic time on the 12th March, thank you so much for finding those clear skies. Northern lights and shooting stars, amazing. Please can you let me have Mat’s email address who went with us so I can get some of his amazing pics. Thanks again, see you in 2011

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