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A week “off”

From today I have a week of where I dont chase for the lights. The plan was to go on a yearly phototrip with a friend, but we had to cancel. The “good” things is that I’m able to catch up with all the paperwork 😛

4 Responses to “A week “off””

  1. Lydia Daniels

    Hi Kjetil, I’m coming on two tours next week, so don’t forget to come back to work! I have been banned from saying Tromso, Northern Lights or Kjetil Skogli at work now, as I’m so excited to be coming my colleagues are tired of hearing about it! This is my third trip to Norway, but my first attempt to see the lights, which I have wanted to do all my life. If we don’t find them i will just have to come for a fourth time [and a fifth, and a sixth….]. I love your country very much and can’t wait to chase the lights with you. Kindest regards, Lydia

  2. kjetilskogli

    Hi Lydia.
    I’ll be back, beleive me 🙂 When I’m writing this word there is a major northern light display going on above Tromsø and the Northern Norway. Well, you just have to invite your colleagues to go on a trip to this beautiful part of the world. Just so they know what you are talking about. I’ll do my very best to find clear skies for you when you are here. Then we just have to wait for the lady to see if she will perform an elusive show for us. The only thing you have to bring is a positive spirit and warm clothes 🙂
    I looking forward to meeting you and chase for the lights with you.


  3. Lydia Daniels

    Hi Kjetil,
    My last day at work! If we see the lady I might just have to wave to her and get taken away to live in the skies!
    See you very soon – I will be wrapped up very warm according to your advice and my niece’s purple ski clothes, and yes, a very positive spirit!
    Can’t wait,

  4. kjetilskogli

    Hi Lydia.
    I you are wrapped up in a purple ski clothes, you will fit in perfect up there among the other colors 🙂 There is a story about people or unmarried virgins, who didnt make it all the way up and they are still flotaing around up there and releasing beautiful and strong energy 🙂 so be careful with the waving.


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