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The Aurora Chaser Kjetil Skogli

She´s back

A very nice start of the Northern  Light season 2010/2011. A friend of mine and I did some hiking to get a bit higher up in the mountain. A beautiful evening with the full moon, clear blue skies and the glow from the sunset low in the horizon. First we had a coffee and sweet snacks near by a small lake, then we decided to photograph some sunset when we waited. Suddenly we saw something in the sky, and it was a good one. This time of year its not totally dark in the night, but we saw the northern lights very well. Welcome back, we said, even if we know the lights is there in the summertime to. It´s just because of the midnight sun and the daylight 24/7 we don,t see her in the summer.

Anyway, here are some photos from the tour

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5 Responses to “She´s back”

  1. André Steegmans

    Kjetil, you are the best Aurora Chaser, it must be gret to live there all the time!

  2. André Steegmans

    It must be great to live there all the time, sorry for missing -a- in my first comment.

  3. Tony Young

    Stunning photos, well done!!

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