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The first “ordinary” tour to chase for the Northern Light

Just a few word from the first “ordinary” Northern light chase for the season 2010/11. There should have been 4 guests, but for some reasons I ended up with one, Mr. M from Australia. Even if I demand/need min. 2 people to start a tour, I don’t want to disappoint single travellers and cancel a tour because I’m in lack of one person. Special not in conditions like this where we actually should be more people. And Mr. M was a nice guy 🙂 Wellwell, clear skies all over, but the weather forecast and my experience made me go further east because I expected it to be cloudy on the coast during the evening. Later the cloud system reached almost into Sweden, but we still had some clear skies. It is still quite bright until 22-23.00 in the evening so we did a nice sightseeing into different valleys on the way. Anyway, a nice tour, but only with a few, faint stripes of the lights late evening. Can we say we saw the lights?? we saw some stripes…but… I don’t know. 

Except from a lot of stunning scenery and some faint stripes of the lights, we saw a lot of other things like 3 red foxes, a hare, several mouse’s, a moose and a reindeer 🙂


One Response to “The first “ordinary” tour to chase for the Northern Light”

  1. sean

    awesome of you to take on the tour anyway, kjetil! norway is such a stunning place to be, with or without the lights. 🙂

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