I’m a  photographer and guide who offer tours to chase for clear skies and the Northern lights. I also offer daytime tour to locations in the county of Troms. I really want you see and feel the power of the lights, so I start to plan the tour days ahead to try to find the best location for the night. It means where its best chance to find clear skies.  Sometimes are the chances to find clear skies ”on the egde”, but until now, we’ve been “lucky” with few tours without. As Tromsø is located on 69′ N, in the Aurorabelt, there is almost more or less Northen light every night. But also some nights without. Its very hard to predict the Northern light, as well as the weather up here. The fact that the light is so unpredictable, makes it even more spectacular for me. As I said in other part of this site, I cant promise you the light, but I can promise to do my best to find clear skies and give you the best opportunities to experience this phenomena.

If Aurora don’t come to you, you have to go to Aurora”.

K. Skogli(1964). Someplace out there waiting for the light.

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