Northern Lights tours


Information about guided tours to chase for clear skies and
the Northern Lights.

  • The priority and the idea about this tours, is to chase for clear skies to get the best possible chance to see and/or photograph the Northern Lights.
  • Its not just to go out there and believe that the lights is there waiting for you. To get the best chance to experience the Northern Light, you must be prepared to wait for several hours. And that’s one of the main  secrets about this, to be prepared for hours of waiting.
  • It might be cold and it might be windy. It also might be cloudy all night long even if the weather forecast says something else. The weather change so rapidly up here, so you just have to take a chance and be out there waiting. And even if there is some waiting, the nature is stunning and give you a good experience. But when the lights appear, you’ll forget the cold and everything. When Aurora Borealis perform one of her celestial dance, you’ll never forget it.- In very cold period we stay near or in the car while waiting.
  • If the conditions is there and we’re able to do it (locations,etc), we make a bonfire while waiting for the light.


period: September to March/April.

Tour days: Saturday,Sunday,Monday and Thursday.

However, if none of this days don’t fit your schedule, its possible to request a tour on other days of the week and I’ll see want I can do, as I want you to experience this phenomena.

I will probably try to dedicate one or more of the nights to more clean phototours. I will get back with more information regarding this. As for now, feel free to request a photo tour if wanted. 

Schedule(local time = GMT +1):

  • Dep.time until 15th March: 19.00 (07.00 pm) from SAS Radisson Hotel.
  • Dep.time from 16th March: 19.30 (07.30 pm) from SAS Radisson Hotel.
  • Duration: 6 hours or more.
  • Return time:about 01.00-02.00(+).  After this time its usually harder to see the light because of the angel to the sun. But there is no rule without exceptions and I’ve been out there with good displays until the morning came. So we don’t give up so easy!!
  • Transportation: 8 seats Peugeot Expert Tepee. Max 7 passengers. I can choose to use a 16 seats bus sometimes. Thsi will be done without any further information given to the already booked clients. It is only in special occasions this will be the choise.
  • Distance: up to 150 km ( or more) one way, depending on the cloud/weather condition. But we don’t care so much about the length of the tour as long as there is a chance to find clear skies.

Prices from Sept to April:

  • Tour to chase for clear skies and the Northern Light:OK 1750, – pr persons, exclusive 2.9% transaction fee PayPal.
  • Min 2 persons to start a tour.

Prices includes:

  • Coffee/tea and biscuit/cookies.
  • Thermal suits to put upon your own clothes(sizes from M to XXL),
  • There will also be snowshoes in the car and if the conditions are good we can choose to use them.
  • A wowen badge to prove that your are an Aurora chaser of Tromsø.


Daytime tours:
I also offer tours at daytime where we travel around in the area, f.ex. to the coastline and the islands outside Tromsø or to the north, to the alps of Lyngen where we use  car and/or ferries and car to get around. You may also choose a destination by yourselves and we go there.

Schedule(local time = GMT +1):

  • Dep.time: 10.00. You’ll be picked up at your accommodation/ hotel.
  • Duration: 5 hours or more. Also depends on the length of the daylight.
  • Return time: about 15.00(03.00 pm)
  • Transportation: 8 seats Peugeot Expert Tepee.
  • Distance: up to 150 km one way.


  • From NOK 3700,-included fuel, coffee, sweet snacks . Exclusive 2.9% transaction fee PayPal.

Not included:

  • Tickets,etc for other happenings during the tour, ferries,etc.


Stay overnight in a tent.

Also I can also arrange nighttime tours where we stay the night(s) in a tent(Sami lavvo or 8 persons military-tent) and have a good time there . The tent is heated and the bottom is insulated. Its more comfortable than you think. Bookings has to take place min. 14 days ahead.

Price pr. night for min two people incl.sleeping-bags,etc. From NOK 5400,- exclusive transaction fee PayPal.  This tour can also be combined with an evening tour to chase for the light. If its clear skies where the tent are located, we will of course stay there.

For safety reasons, the guide(normally me) will stay with you all night. However, if you’re comfortable sleeping in tent and handle an oil/wood own, its possible to stay the night without the guide.

Prices for combined tours on demand.

Other tours :

4 days tour in the Northern Norway ( start from late Jan).

Suitable up to 5-6 persons.

Incl. 3 overnight stay in nice scenery, snowmobile, dogsledding,etc.  The tour go from Tromsø to Lyngen Alps, Alta( the Ice hotel),Kautokeino( a Sami town) in Finnmark and return trough Finland.

Price: NOK 10000,- each day, not incl hotels, activities.

 Also shorter tours can be arranged, like a 2 night tour from Tromsø, Lyngen,Alta(ice hotel) and return to Tromsø.

BOOKING: To book a tour please use this link :


I can’t guarantee that we see The Northern Lights, but it’s always good chance to see the light up here as Tromsø is perfect located for this.

What I can guarantee is that I’m gone do my best to find clear skies and hopefully see the Northern Lights.

See what other say about my tours

I hope this is helpful information for you. If you want more information regarding the different tours and possibilities, please feel free to contact me.